Second account?

So I saw someone selling a bundle for 75 cents and someone else bought it and they did this for like 150 reviews and later found out it was the same guy doing it just to get reviews. Is this allowed?

No , it’s not allowed. That’s similar to some people making accounts to exploit the free 1 month Gamer Club that is available to new accounts. However, having 2 accounts is allowed but trying to exploit or cheat the system will get both suspended. Do note that having 2 accounts mean you have to verify both separately as well.

I can only think of some reasons that they would be doing it. But it is not allowed.

  1. Getting high good reviews to scam people.
  2. Getting high good reviews then commenting on his other account that his legit when his selling something very expensive (scam)
  3. Wants to spam listings on both accounts but need certain amount of ratings to do able to list many listings.