Can i get a ban for making gameflip accounts for brothers who they liked gameflip, wanted to start selling

Can i get a ban on my main account if they made gameflip accounts from the same ip(same internet) i use? Im also gonna give them some cs go skins to help them start selling and we may cashout the money to same paypal address and then share the profits later is that permitted?

Ps: I’m not going to exploit coupons by buying from them and making them buy from me im just gonnq give them skins to sell to people but we may share the cashout to same paypal account because not all of us have credit card

Yes you can have multiple accounts but cashing out money to same paypal is not possible, because you can only link one paypal account to one gameflip account. So you should create each paypal account for your bros

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Hello as @Wayz_Shop said, they won’t be able to use the same PayPal account as you use, also, they can create their accounts using different mobile devices and deifferent email (this will help avoid any confusion regarding matching accounts).

Thank you.

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@DunnBiscuit Can you help me my Gameflip account has been banned/suspended for the first time and I have over 500 sales plus all good ratings 1 neutral rating and no bad ones. I have made a slight mistake which costed me a ban I hope for a second chance if not is their any way I can withdrawal the 3000$ in my account and never come back again I did really want to sell here again.

Hello @Zeeky!

I answered you in the following topic:

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so is it officially allowed to create and have a backup account for one own usage?

Hello @flip!

Yes, it is allowed.

Just make sure that everything on the account is related/verified only by you.

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