PayPal account removed.

Hello, I have asked via email and via forum if there is a way to temporary change my PayPal account to do a withdraw. Asked both ways because via email they replied to me every 4-5 days, so the answer here on the forums was "no, you can’t use more than one PayPal account. But via email they removed my PayPal account (which I never asked) and now I want you guys, to roll back something that I never asked. And NO I can’t just simple login to PayPal, I have some issues with that but I want for you to fix the issue you made without my permission, can you fix it please?

Hello Mago6246!

Could you please inform your invite code, so I could take a further look?

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Hey there… my code is CME6H3

Hello Mago6246,

Just checked here and I was not able to find the email, in which we changed your Paypal.

Could you send your Paypal email through PM?

Also, why are you not able to connect your Paypal to the account again?

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