Phone already verified no account found

I used to use gameflip like a year ago but now i forgot my username and password’ i asked for username by phone number. i got like 7-8 SMS’s saying no username found… lately i had a text saying my name in it, but when i try reseting my password I get a text saying username not found… again… im reseting it by number not even using username so I don’t get the text meanning… i can’t use my phone number tho because it is already assaigned to my old account… help :confused:


Since your number is linked to your old account and clicking forgot password doesn’t work, you will have to contact Support about it and give them your number and details so they can help you with it.
Support Link -

Do take note that it might take a few days for a reply because they get lots of requests everyday and they also need rest. (Do not include weekends)


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