Phone number verify problem

When i try to verify my account with my phone number it says “Already verified by another user” and then i try to get the username back with the “forgot your username section”. Then i write my phone number down again and it says “Account not found”. So i can’t use my phone number to verify my account and that means i can’t use this website.

I think that you need my phone number, but i will first reply it when i’m sure.

Make sure you’re logging in with the same method that you signed up with. For example, if you had signed up using Google, you must login using Google. If you had done it with Email address, it has to be with the same email address and same with Facebook.

It’s fixed now, i forget that i was using facebook. I logged in with google but it was the wrong one and now i tried facebook and boom the phone number is already added to the account, so that is the account.

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