Please enter if you're kind and/or willing to help (*Game: Demon Robot Runner Sell*)

I’m in need of some cents. Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday (we’re twins, but I’m minutes older), and I’m short 55 cents on my wallet to buy him the game he has been wanting for a year.

So I had the idead of selling something here to pick those few cents and now I have hours to sell it and buy his game. Here is the link:

For those 0.75 you will receive the key for Demon Robot Runner, a steam game that is sold there for U$0.99. So you won’t leave empty-handed!

P.S.: I tried selling it for 55 cents but unfortunately the lowest price accepted is U$0.75 (don’t know the reason).

Thank you so much for your support!

i can help you :slight_smile: . happy birthday for your brother . nice exemple

I hope your words are true, I like the attitude. I bought your product. happy happy happy

Also sorry for taking so long to answer! It’s because of the time region difference (it’s now 7:32 AM here where I live and I woke up approx. an hour ago).

Turbo Skin, thank you so much for this, man! You’re a great person and deserve the best!
And yes: my words are true!
I had written a gigantic post here but I was mistaken andI had to delete it. I recently woke up (it’s now 7:55 AM) and thought the seller had applied the discount but it was not the case. I selpt so bad this night that my throat is sore and I’m starting to get fever, but I now know I’ll get better because you made me able to give to my brother what he wanted (and deserved).
god bless you, man!
Have a great weekend.

And sorry for all the english mistakes

I feel happy to have helped you, you deserve to bro! :smile:

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