Please unban me!!

Yes Hello I recently got banned on gameflip for no reason!! They tried to say in the email that I got banned for “scamming users in listing comments” WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT! I’ve never ever did that and I want them to show me proof where I did that! I had money in my account that’s why I’m mad so there basically taking my money from me because they don’t want to help me out! Can someone please help me either get my account unbanned or even just get the money out and sent to one of my PayPal’s please and thank you. Also people are still buying things on my account right now so if I fail to deliver which I am since I can’t login there going to try to ban me for that also this is ridiculous please help :frowning: my invite code is: 61YEDM

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Hey thanks for the reply! I didnt realised i got the warnings then and i thought it was not a reason how you could get banned because i saw about 15 other users selling accounts when is the actual date? Is it the 9th of march or September 3rd?

There are still many people in the sales account, but the website doesn’t care.
I don’t know how they checked it. It only banned the weak merchants. I reported some merchants selling accounts, but the website didn’t ban. Now I think the site is not so fair.
I have reason to believe that the merchants who sell prohibited items without being banned are website staff or their friends.

@Integrityseller The overall sales have increased, so this will result in more people selling forbidden items as well. We have just hired more staff to take care of those cases.

You see many people selling accounts, but I ask you to check if it’s always the same seller doing it. Users may do it at its own risk, but we always send them a warning or ban (temporary or permanently) as soon as we find those listings.

If you see a user selling any forbidden item (not just accounts), then feel free to report it to us as I will warn or ban the user accordingly.

Don’t make assumptions or spread information about things you are not sure. This is called libel.

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