plz i need help , steam account change

hello , i agreed with a guy about dropping the price for an csgo skin when he did i went and buy it but i had my other steam account which i cant trade with, so can u place change my steam account to my other one which i can trade with? i already add fund to my account which its 40$ so i would really appreciated if u can change my steam account, and i cant add another trade url it keep saying ( Bad steam trade url )+

Hey, unfortunately there is no way of changing a Steam account from a Gameflip account as you asked.

You will need to create another Gameflip account to use this Steam account of yours.

but i have uploaded 40$ fund to that account , is it possible to transfer the fund to a new account ?

can some mod here plz fix my issue. I already contacted the support via ticket on the app. but it seem like it’s gonna take too long before I get respond from them

sorry but you guys have the worst support service , no one is helping and its been almost three days since i made ticket in the app support and no one replayed yet!

anyone ???

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Hey, unfortunately there is no way of transfer funding from one account to another.

Can you please send me the ticket number so I can check it for you as well?