RAFFLE: $10k Giveaway

RAFFLE: $10k Giveaway

Promotion Date: Sep. 1st - 30th

For the whole month of September, we’ll be running our biggest giveaway yet! We’ll be giving out $10K in total prizes from CS:GO Skins, choosing your Gift Card, and Gameflip Credits. Enter below for your chance to win. 50 lucky winner will win prizes.

Raffle ends Sep. 30th, 2016 11:59 PM (PST)



Congrats to all the winners! We’ll be emailing all of you throughout the rest of week with further instructions.

1. August H.
2. Daniele B.
3. Pedro T.
4. Sebastian V.
5. Fuad A.
6. GoncaloTR
7. Erik P.
8. Lucas M.
9. Rikki
10. Lincoln C.
11. Julian K.
12. Rgunmark2
13. [Φ]FeelTheSteel
14. Mikkel R.
15. Gw ツ
16. Aaron D.
17. Jimmy W.
18. Thomas C.
19. Edward Y.
20. DaBox
21. Alexander W.
22. Ola R.
23. Nicholas P.
24. Jose R.
25. Jacob M.
26. Lewis P.
27. Ryanelay
28. [CAF] D.
29. Nick S.
30. 友
31. Bon J.
32. Declan B.
33. TedoXmas
34. Awes P.
35. David L.
36. Seppe V.
37. Rafael M.
38. Ty S.
39. Albert T.
40. Rulii E.
41. TryKx
42. Domination
43. Szymon K.
44. HRWelshy
45. Miguel C.
46. Davis D.
47. Duarte R.
48. Spoony N.
49. Nick K.
50. Geir P.


Thanks again for the contest!

Hey, how come there wasn’t an email or message about this contest?

All the games you can get with 10k

I dont ever win contest so im not gonna get excited

How do you find out who won?

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yeah i would like to know that too

when will be the announcement of the winners?

They said on their Twitter that it would be announce the following week and it would be on here who the winners are.

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Who won the raffle? Where are the results?

Why wont they have a specific date to announce the winners?

We will be announcing the winners by EOD Monday 10/3 and be reaching out to all the winners this week. You’ll be able to see the winners on this forum page as well as on the actual Gleam page.

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isn’t it already 10/3? well it is for me

Yes, it is. That’s why I said end of day on 10/3 :wink:

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Thanks for the information! I’ll be waiting :smiley:

thx for this raffle it was so cool and i am so glad i won this is my first raffle win ever thx gameflip


That’s awesome to hear! Congrats again.

Congrats to all the winners!