Rocket League Scam Report

Hi, sorry to bother you guys but I just wanted to report the user “Vanish Echo” for attempting to conduct sales outside of Gameflip and asking people to give an item first and saying he’ll pay later using a PayPal Friends and Family payment (the report for him on the rocket league scammers list shows he never pays up).

I submitted a report on the user about a month ago but can see nothing has been done yet as he was attempting to scam another user yesterday. Please look through the evidence I’ve provided below and also the comment history for “Vanish Echo” for further proof.

User’s profile:

Proof of a recent scam attempt below:

Link to user on Rocket League Scammers List (contains additional proof):

Hello Rocket,

Could you please provide me the listing link?

God speed!

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Thanks for the quick response

Here’s the link to the listing:

Hello Rocket!

Thanks for your help!

We have his account flagged now and a warning was sent.

If we identify anymore of this behavior, this user will be suspended.

God speed!

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