Sawyer's House of Cards

Hello everybody I am Scott my page is Sawyer’s House of Cards I sell mostly physical trading cards everything from Yu-Gi-Oh Pokemon and magic the

Gathering to more traditional stuff like
Topps products I have tons of stuff to post let me know if you’re looking for something I don’t have posted


Hello and welcome!

Leave a link of your profile so people can find your deals.

Good luck ! Unique items, I like that :ok_hand::+1:

Keep going!

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I’ve played magic for over 14 years, let me take a look on what you are offering.


When I was 14, I was challenged buy a new kid in the neighborhood to race my friend on our bikes. It was at a school, racing my friend from the 7th grade side all the way to the cafeteria. The cafeteria was a brick wall. The reward for winning, was the original holographic Charizard Pokémon card. This was back in 2004. I won the race, 5$/ and the Charizard. I also lost two front teeth, received 2 root canals and two fake teeth. :joy: From this day I have the same exact 5$ bill, half a tooth and my charizard card. All in one collection. I was the coolest kid on the block because of that charizard. Only until I smiled… By the way my smile is fine now… True story!

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Oh man! I loved it! hahaha

That charizard must cost a small fortune now.

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Yes, a painful memory. Great times in the neighborhood