Selling Scam or not?

Hi im new and on my first sell he told me that the code wasn’t working so he told me if I had another code, and I had another and he still said that the code wasn’t working so how can we see if a code is working or not? who am I supposed to believe?

my inv id btw is 6ec5e547-f0cd-4c15-9748-d15a13749f4a

Hi there, 1st tell me which product you sold, 2nd you should not give second code if you didn’t check the first one, 3rd thats not your inv code, thats transaction ID, your Invite Code is located click HERE.

my bad my inv code is LZJMK7 then

the item I sold was 10 euro xbox one card

Okay, I can help you.

I will give you the link where you can start live chat with Microsoft Agent in order to get DATE of activation, CLICK HERE . You will get assist first from Virtual Agent you should simply ask for assist from Real Support, once the agent start chatting with you explain what is the problem, btw you can do a pre-check of your code HERE just paste the code and click next, if your code is invalid than you dont need to contact the support , if code is duplicate start chat with live agent. They will provide you only date and with that info you should create a ticket HERE. Explain to gameflip everything about the code, where you purchased it, the date of activation. provide transaction id and patiently wait for reply.


thank you very much, its people like you that make the world shine thank you for your time

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let me know if you need further help.

have a nice day :blush: