So many Switch games the same price as Amazon

The best deal I’ve seen in the past week is $10 below normal on one game. Many are the same price. Super Mario Odyssey just listed for 54.99 but Amazon is 54.98. Why? I don’t understand the pricing here. Any insights?

Another question. Where do people get the digital codes in bulk to post?

That’s a question that you will not get the answer to my friend

Perhaps just tell the seller to give a discount so he/she can get a sale? :slight_smile:

You can buy games or gift cards at a discount on Black Friday and holidays or during other sales like B1G1 or B1G1 50% off. Sometimes digital versions come free within physical versions as well. There’s other sketchier methods to obtain that hopefully aren’t being used as frequently.

Seems I got two good answers.

Thanks mate!

Thanks !!!