Suspended account..

My account got suspended, i hope anyone from the mods to give a further explanation about my suspension
@Tali @DunnBiscuit
I have sent a PM and created a ticket

Invite code VE4FXD

Hello there,
I have checked your ticket, and answered your pm

Dear mod,
I have replied back
Taking a look would be highly appreciated

I answered your ticket a little bit earlier today.


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Hello Mods,
My account have been suspended again, please check your PMs and ticket 368043.
invite code VE4FXD.
Your help will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:
@DunnBiscuit @Tali
As last time you suspended me mistakenly.

I’ve removed your suspension

Why is that happening thats the 2nd time. :sweat_smile:

same reason as the first, it shouldn’t happen again tho, sorry!

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