The Walking Dead Season 3 Game

Now since it has been about a full year since season 2 of the walking dead has come out I just wanted to know what predictions you have for Season 3. I know Telltale has a lot on there plate with minecraft story mode and also other games but I just cannot wait any longer for Season 3. Unfortunately though, I don’t think we will see Clementine during Season 3 but who knows. What do you guys think?

I’m a bit behind on this series, but just downloaded and beat season 1 on XBL as one of their free games. And I have to say that this is an amazing series! I know it’s been highly acclaimed for awhile now, but finally got a chance to play it and wish I played it sooner. I’m going to stay off this thread until I play season 2 so I don’t catch any spoilers, but really looking forward to playing season 2.

It is a great game you’ll love it.

So it’s free on xbl? I may have to give this a shot

@Jose_Mazon why do you think we won’t see Clem in season 3?

I honestly think she’ll be there, even if not the protagonist.

Let’s try not to spoil stuff here :innocent: