Unable to link Steam trade url


Whenever I try to link my trade url to buy a CSGO skin, it just says bad trade url. My other accounts trade url works, but I want to buy the skin on my second account. I Tried to transfer the Gameflip balance back to my PayPal, but i can’t. So now i’m stuck with 5 dollars in my Gameflip balance, I don’t know what to do now.


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Hello bro

only the steam account that you connected to Your gameflip in the first account you can use His url only You cant use another account’s url.

Buy csgo items via coordinate transfer .

Ex : https://gameflip.com/item/m4a1-s-hyper-beast-minimal-wear-/f29d2c71-93c1-46a7-ba30-15d65988cfd5

You buy my item and I transfer for you steam ! :grin:

I Can’t change it either, so i cant buy anything. the ■■■■ is this site.

Yo bro

you can just buy skin from anyone not a bot and tell him to send to Any url you want!

Ok, but is it possible to send gameflip money back to paypal?

You have already added them?

If you did, so you can withdraw your money via Paypal.

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