Video Game Vault Featured Store Opening July 16th

Our featured store Video Game Vault is scheduled to launch Thursday July 16th, and we are excited to begin welcoming customers to our online store. We are very open to buyers who wish to wheel & deal, request custom packages or make offers on our available listings.

Several of you have already made offers on our listings and we thank you for your interest in our products. Listing prices will remain semi firm during our soft launch, but only until we receive some final details & a green light for the Grand Opening of our newly featured store Video Game Vault. Rest assured are working around the clock to enable you to purchase the products you want, at the prices you desire.

Currently we are in the process of putting together a well rounded inventory of titles and products to better suit our customers before we can begin offering a “best offer” pricing model which several members have expressed interest in. We understand the value of flexibility for both buyers and sellers alike. While we may not be able to entertain offers on all items or rare inventory we are certainly willing to negotiate reasonable deals or package pricing on many of our listings.

Our team is assembling promotional packages and items to be listed the moment our featured store goes live. We will be featuring several promotional packages once we launch such as a Mario Party Package which will include CiB versions of Mario Party 4, 5, 6, & 7 with 2 OEM microphones in Excellent Condition. We even have a couple copies still in their original outer carton which housed both the game and accessories when they were first released between 2002 to 2005. A Near Mint condition Factory Sealed boxed set of Rockstar’s popular series Grand Theft Auto and many other hard to find gems will be among the many items we have to offer upon our initial grand opening.

If you wish to request custom packages, individual games, make offers or simply leave feedback we invite you to reply to this forum thread. We hope this will allow us to better connect with members of the community and deliver exactly what you want, how you want it. Please keep an eye on our listing’s comment sections too as we will occasionally post limited time offers or promotions directly in the comment sections of our listings.

Until our grand opening tomorrow please keep the comments and offers coming both here and on our listings. We will do our best to fulfill any and all reasonable requests once our featured store opening is finalized. As a thank you to our customers who have already shown interest in our products we would like to offer you our second pre launch promotion.

Yes, our first promotion code is already somewhere on GameFlip embedded in the comments of a listing waiting to be claimed. It must be claimed before 12:01 A.M. PDT (GMT -7:00) on July 16th to be redeemed. Details of the offer are attached to it.

The first 2 GameFlip users to reply to this thread with their favorite video game platform, genera and game title/titles will receive free shipping on their next single title purchase from our inventory; courtesy of Video Game Vault. The following free shipping promocode will remain valid from now until 12:01 AM PDT (GMT -7:00) July 31st. Limit of one unique code redemption per member. Promocode : “PreLaunch2”.

This forum thread will remain open and available to help us better connect with you, our valued customers; so we may better serve you in the future.

The Video Game Vault Team


Welcome to the Gameflip community, CTS Video Game Vault! We’re excited to have you be a part of not only Gameflip, but be a Featured Store as well.

It’s really cool to see what you’re doing with these promotions and incentives and wish you all the best. Please feel to reach out to me if you have any questions or issues that may arise.

Take care,

Due to technical difficulties and severe weather our newest inventory listings have been delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause any members who have been awaiting our promotional packages and full inventory list to go live. Once we have restored a reliable internet connection we will launch an updated inventory list and several promotional packages as previously advertised. The issues we have experienced will not in anyway affect current orders we have received. All orders to date have been and will continue to be processed & shipped as advertised in our listings.

We wanted to inform GameFlip members that any past, present or future orders are currently being managed offsite and will continue to be handled as such until our technical issues are resolved. Until then, we assure you there will be no delays in processing or delivery of any orders placed with our store.

Again, we thank you for your patience and will keep you updated as soon as our internet access is fully restored.

The Video Game Vault Team

The above issue has been resolved and we’re back up and running!

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