Visa gift cards

justs search for Visa giftcard on Gameflip and look for my listings on Gameflip to know what I am selling, guy I am selling Visa gift cards u can check the balance online via
contact me for more information telegram: @Alicoin

Hi @Ali_Husseiny, Visa Giftcards are not allowed on Gameflip, and you run a risk of getting banned if you continue to list them.

Asking buyers to contact you outside of gameflip is also not allowed

dear Gameflip

I respect your security ,please give me last chance I am looking to be a top seller on Gameflip for gaming stuff ,I will never post Visa or ask buyers to contact outside Gameflip ,just the Las chance, if that is not possible to remove the banned also please
tell me because I am waiting for your reply.

best regards

Ali husseiny

Hi, again @Ali_Husseiny I’m not sure if there was a misunderstanding, I don’t work for Gameflip, I was just giving you a tip on what isn’t allowed here, I don’t want to see you get banned :slight_smile:

Here are two articles you can read on what items are allowed and what items are prohibited:

there is also plenty of other articles you can read up on if you are unsure of any rules

here is a collection of different articles on selling:

it’s oky man ,so do you have experience to get my account back ,they banned me because I sell Visa gift cards

20 Visa’s have sold during one hour on Gameflip and I got banned

Hello Ali_Husseiny!

Please do not list those Giftcards!

These are the currently allowed non-gaming gift cards on Gameflip:
Best Buy
Google Play
New Egg

Also, you are not allowed to conduct sales outside of Gameflip!

:trident: New forum moderators!