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I see some of users listing netflix giftcards and they’re getting sold in just few hours. But im not listing it because its not allowed. Is that fair? There’s many thread just type ‘netflix’ and sometimes you see bunch of them. And when i check seller’s sale historty i see getting sold some of them. Why there’s no punishment for that?

People need to report people who are breaking the ToS after they get reported moderators will take over.

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where can you see a list of gift cards that are not allowed?

  • List a gift card that requires in-person activation. If the gift card cannot be redeemed to an online/app wallet, it’s forbidden to sell on Gameflip and should not be listed

what does this mean?

I think it mean you can’t give someone a code that they have to use at physical store. The code has to be able to be redeemed online store only. If the code you give the user can’t be added to there account its not allowed to be sold on this site.

Like let say you have 2 codes.

A Walmart code that can be added to the user Walmart online account this allowed.

A Walmart code that can only be used at the Walmart but has to be used in store (not online) is not allowed.

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What if it can be used online but is not added to a wallet? for example a forever21 gift card that can be used in store or on the web store, but forever21 doesn’t have a web store wallet.

very confusing wording in that statement - seems like two separate points mashed together

Well this where @DunnBiscuit would have to answer the question being they’re a moderator, they know the rules better then anyone.

If the gift card cannot be redeemed to an online/app wallet.
Im confused by the wording too

I’m going to say if the buyer can’t use a site or app to redeem it aka put it on there account then its not allowed but let a moderator answer you to be safe.

This a old quote, it may have changed I’m not sure

I know food / Netflix cards are not allowed.

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Interesting. There appears to be “other” listing for gift cards where you can even upload your own photo. Why allow that if only 7 types are allowed? Hopefully the mod can chime in.

I’m saying that post is old, they may of allowed other gift cards to be added but these other gift cards still need to able only to be redeemed on the buyer account on whatever website they bought it for.

As you can see they added more to the search setting but these new gift cards added still have to be redeemable online store only.

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I’m pretty sure the gamestop has no “wallet” that you can redeem codes to

This is true. This why I was confused by there wording
(“If the gift card cannot be redeemed to an online/app wallet.”)
but this much mean. As long as the code you give the buyer can be used online it should be allowed.

If the buyer has to use it in store then its not allowed.

Remember please make sure by a moderator. I wouldn’t want you to get banned by a misunderstanding. Its better to be safe then sorry.

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Those categories are just made to help buyers, they don’t outline what is or isn’t allowed. For example, the movies section doesn’t have options for iTunes or Vudu. The movie entire section used to be under “Other” until it became popular just like with the Pokemon stuff. You can see items like the League of Legends/Riot and Apple Store gift card that are legitimate, but not popular enough to have their own category.

The reason it needs to be redeemable to an account is that the system isn’t set up to handle issues that occur after the transaction has been completed. It’s also much harder to determine who used the card in the case of a dispute if the seller were to spend it before the buyer was able to redeem/spend. The Netflix codes just have a very high chance of being fraudulently obtained.


Hello guys, we just updated a list regarding which non-gaming gift cards are allowed to be sold within the marketplace (I think by sharing this list some questions are answered).

If you still have questions, let me know.

Thank you.

@DunnBiscuit referring to the update of this Post


  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Google Play
  • Hulu
  • iTunes
  • Netflix
  • New Egg
  • Starbucks
  • Spotify
  • Target
  • Wal-Mart

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Oh sorry about that! I forgot to add the link.

Thanks @CidxLucy

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According to the list, Netflix gift cards are now allowed to be sold again? Is this right or am I missing something?

That is correct which is odd considering the fact that even I know all those cards are brute forced or carded

That may be a typo

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As long as they verify the source I’d love to have Netflix GCs back. I used to buy them frequently until 2017 or so when it became a bit too risky to be worth saving a few bucks. There’s also legit ones out there that come as promotions for various things from buying TVs to signing up for a phone plan. You can also get them as rewards from those sites that pay small amounts for taking surveys, doing searches, shopping with their link, etc. Still an item to be cautious with for sure, but there are totally legitimate ways to obtain the card.