Sell Giftcard not allow at gameflip

Hi mod @DarkKnight . I see some seller sell homedepot , GAP , MACY … giftcard at gameflip . Are giftcard allowed or not ? link seller sell it below

All those not included inside the article (Non-gaming giftcards) are not allowed. You can report people who is selling listings that are not allowed to Support. There will always be people listings items that are not allowed so if you see those, you can report them.

Gameflip will update the article if they allow any other gift cards in the future.

pls check this seller . he list some giftcard not allowed

GAP gift card is useful, why is it not allowed?

Hello @lylyboss123!

Thanks for the report.

I will verify this seller right away!

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Hello @almoch,

For a gift card brand to be allowed, an investigation is done to verify if it is valid and safe for our marketplace.

Since you asked, I will send this as a feedback to the team.

Hope you have a great day!

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