where is my money from paypal

Oct 17, 2017 $##8.00 USD Needs approval
Oct 17, 2017 $##4.00 USD Needs approval
Oct 17, 2017 $98.00 USD Paid
Oct 12, 2017 $##.00 USD Needs approval
Oct 11, 2017 $##.96 USD Needs approval
Oct 10, 2017 $##.10 USD Needs approval

today , i draw the money. i get the 98$ money in paypal
but i do the some payout … it is needs approval…
i dont know what is wrong.
it is Oct 10 , i have no get the money
so , i want to konw. ,
when i can get the money ?

always frequent issue in the paypal system. as recently I will make a payment, when the process of loading often there is a message like this "Sorry, we can not complete your purchase at this time
Please return to the merchant and choose another way to pay. "

I will leave paypal from my finances as soon as possible to bitcoin. too many problems that occur there inhibit the velocity of money, this causes valve steam only accept credit cards and bitcoin certainly remove paypal from payment method. paypal support team is also unreliable.