Won a gleam contest for $50 and 2 weeks later $0

I won a contest 2 weeks ago for $50 and I haven’t received anything yet I’m just wondering how ii go about getting my winnings? The Twitter was david_shepp and 21JNMF is my code

Hey David. First of all, congrats! I just checked your historical and you were not paid indeed. Have you checked your Inbox on the email you have registered to the promotion? We sent communication to all winners.

Anyway, could you please contact us via Twitter or reply to the winning email if you ever got one?
That’s the only way we have to guarantee you’re the owner of the winner Twitter/email account.

I have replied to the Twitter every 2 days and each Time I include my code but I have Checked my email multiple times. my email I used for the giveaway is daveshepp@comcast.net which goes right along with my Twitter name david_shepp. Twitter will not let me direct message you but if you dm me I can confirm anything you need

Hey joker I have given my email, tagged ganglion on Twitter multiple times and no response. What should I do?

Hi David,

Please check your Gameflip wallet. Your credit reward should be in your balance now.


No problem David. You earned it :smile: