WRONG code received - PSN Plus 1 Year - Shadow

Hello, can anyone mention Shadow in here as I purchased a 1 YEAR PSN code, received a 1 MONTH PSN code and rated positive by mistake.

Code has not been used, provided proofs on a ticket I raised (#619065) and can also provide a video showing the redeem procedure; asking this as there may be a chance before GF releases the money in 5 days.

My profile code is TNTEX5

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@DarkKnight @MajorTom is there something to be done in this occasions?


In that case, the best action would be to open a dispute against the seller, but don’t worry, your money is not lost.

I see you have already opened a ticket for the support team, so my suggestion is to wait for them to check and contact the seller for you. Since the seller did not have the opportunity to verify the code or send you a new one, then we need to contact him first.

Thank you for your advise!!!

Fingers crossed now for the support team to act quickly before the money is withdrawn and lost :frowning:

It happened as I read it quickly …

Ok, thankfully it’s been resolved as the seller contacted me and provided me a working code …

I’d like to take the chance and suggest 2 changes …

  • Keeping the buyer/seller chat available for at least 12 hs after the purchase is made and rating left to avoid any possible issue, make any question, etc.
  • For support team to take on consideration buying/access/other urgent cases in priority as received no update in about 36 hs and we all know that clock is ticking for some scenarios; at the end of the day it’s gonna be the buyer’s fault as a ‘mistake’ is not considered in the agreement but it would be great if it can be resolved, isn’t it?

If any mod find this post aggresive, please know that it’s not my intention and that can be deleted if considered incorrect or impolite.