{WTB} Xbox gift cards and xbox live gold membership in bulk

Hello I am looking for Xbox gift cards and Xbox live gold membership it has to be global or US Locked I am only buying from people who has high feedback or is verified at around a 30-35% off retail and I am buying in bulks daily so I would love to discuss about bulk deals and all of that please PM or even leave your message below

Mostly looking for
$25 gift cards
$15 gift cards
$5 gift cards
1 month xbox live
3 month xbox live
6 month xbox live
if any other we can further discuss

i have xbox live gold

Hello, what type of xbox live gold membership you got also is there a bulk discount? and could we discuss in PM for prices and etc?

i have xbox 6 month and 12 month for usa
discount 30%

do you get them on consistent basis and how much do you get monthly?

many per day

That sounds wonderful can you send a link to your shop so I can see and is there wiggle room in price or no?