100K FLP Giveaway!

Buy anything using FLP to enter this Giveaway!

From March 18th to April 22nd, every purchase made on Gameflip using any amount of FLP will get you 1 entry for this giveaway. The more purchases you make, the more entries you get.

Winners will be randomly selected and announced every Tuesday on the forum, starting on March 26th, and ending April 23rd.

How will you select the winners?
On Tuesdays, we’ll get the list of all purchases made using FLP during the promotion period and randomly select the winners. The more entries you have, the better your chances are.

How much can I win?
The total prize amount is 100K FLP, split between several winners each week.
Stay tuned on our Social Media to learn how much can you each week.

If I won once, can I win again?
Yes. All entries count for all prize draws, so you could win more than once.

Can I cash out the FLP I won during the promotion?
No. The FLP prizes are to be used for purchases within the Gameflip marketplace only.

There is no limit for your reward, so head now to Gameflip.com and start flipping!


Can someone enter this giveaway if FLP is used only partially? I see something I want, but I need to add a little from my USD wallet.

Hello, anyone?

DM @DunnBiscuit

Lucy :heart:

Hi @Pedja_Erakovic
As long as there’s any amount of FLP, it counts! :wink:


i want to pay using FLP but you dont give it to do. I have USD and FLP tokens

Thank you! Did I win already? :wink:

will entries for the giveaway be resetted each week?

What is FLP?

Please click this to learn what FLP are

What is FLP?

Lucy :heart:


gameflip cant add flp coin to www.binance.com ???

ahaha :laughing: