15% promo code?

I saw a gameflip notification on my phone that theres a new 15% off promo code, but when i went to look at texts there was nothing there and now cant find the code anywhere? Does anyone have the code?

I seen the same thing but I didnt open the tab full to read it. I click it and it take me to the gameflip app.

All I seen was 15% off on the notification tab of my phone.

I dont know if it was a code or they just announced something. Like get up to 15% off blank items using the app like warning us there 15% off items peoppe are listing.

I saw it was for gift cards is what I saw but mine did do the same thing I try to take screen shots but it never works lol

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The 15% code is GIFTCARD ($5 max discount)

It’s working for me right now.

I was half asleep when I read it :smiley:


Does it say how long it will be active or if there is a limit of how many they are giving out?

Not sure, but you should try to use all the coupon codes on Gameflip as fast as possible as it may end any second now.

Sometimes I wait to find something I like to purchase, but then the code stops working! I learned my lessons.

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My guess its 3 days like this One but it always limit with how many they give out.

Being its $5 im sure they can give out alot of them.
When they did the 15%-20% off up to $50 they only give maybe 200 codes with them so they can easily give out alot of these $5 off.

Being its only $5 off and you need a maximum of $25 gift card to get the maximum $5 off it would be smart to use it fast.

Normal when they did up to 50$ off I waited for a 250$ gift card or more but better to use so you dont lose it.

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No, it’s 15% off (but max is $5).

The percentage is high, but the max discount is very low. So this can be more useful for people that buy cheap stuff, not expensive stuff.

So to use all the $5 discount you need to buy something that costs at least $33. If you buy something for $25, the discount is only $3.75

I think it’s a waste if you buy something cheaper and not benefit from the full $5 discount.

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My apologies I got my tweet I link with this one mixed you you’re correct.

These $5 are still worth using imo.

People are upset because they want more of the up to $50 off cards but I think people are being spoiled.

The next up to $50 off code imo will be around February 14.

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I tried using it last night. Says invalid

I just tried it now and it worked auto correct could of spaced the word it should be all one word.image

Its 1 one word and use all caps and there no S in the word

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