What’s the best way to find Gameflip promotions?

Hey just wondering how to find the promotions on this site? Is there one every Friday or are they random? I’ve gotten texts before with codes but I’m not sure if it’s random. Should I just check this forum daily? Just curious. Thanks.

It is nice to check this forum and also our twitter

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Hello, you may also check the link below:


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For the 15% Off this weekend. Is there a limit on the item you can use it on. Like could I get 15% off no matter how expensive the item??

If you’re talking about coupons, they do have a max discount (15% off coupon with $10 max means buying a $100 item would result in a $10 discount, not $15). The promotion should state what the max is. If not, just assume that there is. You should see the discount when you apply the coupon at checkout.