3 withdrawals on approval! Need it for business!

Hello! I have 3 withdrawals on approval, can someone please approve them? I need them to restock and pay partners.

I did 2 withdrawals that went through without problems but now these ones arent. Please help me

Code: FN3TB1

They only do withdrawl on buisness days, you have to wait for monday or tuesday

i withdrawed on a saturday though?

And i still got paid

But then how did i get paid yesterday when it was weeknd days

have no idea bro, but u going to get paid at monday most likely thats for sure, i don’t think they will speed up your payout request anyways

It was worth a try, ty for answer bro

guys did you withdraw through paypal or btc?

paypal bro

by mistake I withdraw by paypal for curious and I got paid instantly but I regret of it, because I will still use the website

I got paid instantly twice, then my next 3 withdrawals went on approval. They still are.

What a pity… In.your country paypal has ways of withdrawals by bank account or credit card? mine not