5 USD promotion

i think i didnt recieved 5$ after 21$ purchase. Where i can check this?

i see nothing about you said

i dint recieve FLP Tokens like 10% Cashback bonus ((

me too still don’t have credit after complete transaction 40,5$
can you help me @DunnBiscuit

you need finish this transaction

i rated seller and him rated me too but i still don’t see notification to get 5$ credit

dont know man, sorry.
i still not recieve 10% in FLP tokens from last promo

Have you waited past the Friday after the day you purchased something using FLP?

For the $20 $5 promo, check your email inboxes for the redeem email, probably titled “Your purchase of X qualifies for the Rebate Promo”. If there is no email, create a support ticket to ask for help. Note that the credits, if you have them, expires in 7 days, so check your wallet credits Gameflip | Buy & Sell Games, Gift Cards & More - Gameflip

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