8 days no answer from support

Dear gameflip. I sell skins on this marketplace since Dec 2016. I have 2718 positive feedback and no problems with buyers. I still don’t understand what I banned (Exploitation of Gameflip’s marketplace and/or Credits system). I can’t log to my acc. Support is not responding to me 8 days. In skins on sale more than 800$. The reason for the ban was not explained to me in ticket or email. All week I suffered nervous breakdowns beacuse this big amount of money for me. If nothing can be done with my account, please return my skins (they are still at your bots). Please reply me.

AT2DFC - my code
My ticket number - #438703

Moderators don’t respond to my private messages. Supp don’t respond me. Why all ignore me? Should I write to all social networks? I thought you were a serious company. You earned a lot of money from my fees. Why such an unfair attitude?

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Please respond to him.

Because of the suspension reason, we are dealing with this issue through Pm / Ticket.

:trident: New forum moderators!


Support still ignore me

have you got your answer?

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