Account got suspended due to it being an alternate one??

Hello there this is like a repost of my other question, my account got suspended I dont have any idea why it should be. I’d like to know how I could get help from support because I think this is a big misunderstanding! Please do not instantly close my post, just answer and let me answer you too pls!

My Invite code: EN21UP

Your account was suspended due to it being an alternate account from an impersonator one.

Does that mean they think that I am an Impersonator? That is my one and only Gameflip account, so i dont understand why my account should get suspended for such nonsense without any proof or anything. Im just triggered not being able to do anything about that, I was just trying to open up a small shop on Gameflip!

What should I do? PLEASE help me out guys!


Unfortunately we have strong evidence that your account is an alternate account from an impersonator.

Unfortunately I can’t help you further. But, if you want to appeal, please open a support ticket.

Thank you.