Account need to be checked (potential scammer)

Look at Keyzic, he is asking for email and password of customers

I think this is forbidden

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Yes, its forbidden.
@DarkKnight @MajorTom please take a look

Hello and thanks for reporting this!

Can you send me a link to his profile?

sir can u check my profile once , i have sold an item in the last seller promo and still i dint get the 2$ credit , kindly resolve my issue

Profile code=FBPSDJ

Order ID=889f61c1-5cb8-4f0d-8863-71e0c6da18fd

If you want to get this item, then you must provide an account and password, which should be the binding skin of this Samsung phone.

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But its forbidden! Moderators - please take a look

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Yeah the guy is correct you can only get thru it being activated on the account BUT that being said them type of items are FORBIDDEN on GameFlip for good reasons as a lot of ppl steal that person’s account etc.

@IliTy_Graphics Thank you.

@Maulik_Pandya I will check this and if this is the case, the credits will be added into your account.

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