Account suspended .need help

username: weiliz1234

my account has been suspended for long. please help me check on the issue. i have no misconduct or whatsoever

The moderators need your invite code to identify you, or your phone number you used to register on the site. You can private message the moderator the phone number after you have browsed the forum for 15+ minutes, then the orange message button will appear.

Did you receive an email stating the reason of your suspension?

no i dont receive any email, can any moderators pm me regarding the issue as i cant see the orange message button

I cant sell nothing un my account invite Code QC7J58

My account was suspended too for asking for ratings even though all my listings since day one have been auto delivery. Big fail from gameflip. No support help whatsoever either. Maybe I will hear from them next year? worst part is if I make a new account they will ban them all for having multiple accounts.

still no help…mods pls

Guys its a non-working day.

Same my account was suspended because I was forced to cancel a item someone bought from me because they never responded back

Log out of the forum and log in again, go to the moderator’s profile and you should be able to see the orange Message button. Put the phone number you registered to Gameflip in your message.

moderator DunnBiscuit did not reply to my message that was sent 2 days ago

I have some PMs that I need to address.

If I didn’t get a reply yet, you will get one within the next couple of days.

Thank you.