Issue still havent been resolved/ thread closed for no reason

the issue for my suspended account still havent been resolved and thread is closed without coming to a conclusion. Hope others may see this as well.

All of the information provided in the last post still applies I guess - ensure you include your Invite Code and consider PMing the Moderators - 1 DunnBiscuit 2 op_JOkEr.

I would be careful though. If individuals keep posting on the forums because they are not satisfied with the result from a previous issue then they/you run the risk of being suspended from the Forums also. I would suggest being respectful and patient.

Man. I have to admit that the support quality has gone down hill lately. I CONTACTED 3 WEEKS AGO WITH SOLID EVIDENCE AND NO RESPONSE. The PM message just get closed as other posts on the forum with a simple reply

Now you just log in a few times a day to whine and complain. Fabulous.

Were you listing any accounts for sale by any chance?

juz game keys, nothing else

do you have any side account ? or something ?
usually you only need to post your invite code and tag the admin
I do that and the admin reply me in 4-5hours

up still unsolved