Account under review, even tho it was reviewed and approved earlier today.

@MajorTom, please help.

Order ID - Order ID: 2db20319-2e69-4b05-9814-45002ee32eb3

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Hello Harsh_Jain,

I can see that your purchase was released from hold.

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@MajorTom can you please prevent this from happening.


Hey i have a big problem, two days and i not can confirm my purchases ID order:b6b32b70-49b2-4b66-9743-1ef42189f92d. Sorry my bad english but my identify is legit and number, my master card approve, My perfil code:KTP8M2 pls Help me

@MajorTom @DarkKnight pls Help me confirm my identify and number, master card is approved.

@MajorTom look i have 2 tickets pls Help me

@Harsh_Jain Since you already have your ID and payment source verified, this will greatly reduce the chance of your next purchases to stop under review. In case it still happens, I suggest that you send us an email saying that you authorize the purchase.

@Twxst_s Everything should be approved by now.


Tnk you sir

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