My purchase is under review for no reason.

I purchased 2500+300 Vbucks pack from digi_key and my money has been pulled out of my paypal account.But my order is under review for no apparent reason. My ID is verified and all. First, it didn’t let me add funds or purchase on my account and when I finally am able to buy, it’s put my order under review. I have to deliver to a buyer of mine because he needs to buy the ginger gunner skin from the fortnite item shop which is extremely rare. If I am not able to deliver in under 11 hours my credibility and reputation will be destroyed completely. Please deliver my order as fast as you can because I am a reseller I will keep coming back to buy more and more items.
Invite code: UAP7KK
Order ID: c904def5-8450-439c-9a33-a5bb1efed987
Ticket ID: #386896

Please solve this quickly @SweeTooth @DunnBiscuit

@Tali @op_JOkEr

@AponeGF pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeee solve this

I saw that it was solved already. Please, bear in mind that yesterday it was Christimas. So we had less people working and checking the purchases held.

Thank you.