Add an 'export listings' feature to export in an office format

I imagine a spreadsheet format would be the best way.

This way, sellers with larger inventories can export their listings in the ‘on sale’ and ‘sold’ categories, and then sort and compile them to suit their needs.

The spreadsheet should ideally contain at least the following info:

  • Full item name as listed
  • Full description
  • Itemized details, such as paint, quality, type, certifications, etc.
  • Original date listed
  • Last date relisted (after expiring)
  • Last date edited
  • (ideally) last categories edited in most recent edit (e.g., price or description, etc.) This will help sellers know which items need to have their prices reviewed.
  • Listing window (timeframe…7 days, 3 months, etc.)

Ideally, it could have more, such as:

  • Pricing history (dates of price changes and the price)
  • number of times sold
  • (suggestions from others)