Add fund is under review. Need help on how to cancel it.

Hello there, I tried to add fund to my wallet here but it never went through. Although on my CC side it says the payment completed.

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Could you check and see if that add funds is there? If you need help from a moderator then they will need your profile code.

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Yea it’s there still pending though. I want to cancel it. My profile code is: KV3GXM

Hello, as far as I checked, this issue is solved already, thanks!

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Hello DunnBiscuit,
i have the same issue, the Add Fund is under Review and i need to cancel it. Please !
My Code Profile is : 4TZPG6
Thank you.

Hello! As I checked, the transaction is already canceled. Thank you.

Hey @DunnBiscuit could you cancel my add funds order please I was trying to buy something that was cheap but then the funds haven’t come through and it’s sold couldn’t message the seller because it’s my first time buying or selling something my profile code is: AJWHUG


I canceled it for you.


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