All expensed paid Trip to Gamescom entrance help

Hey So i just saw the new current promotion for Gamescom in Germany. I think we would all like some more information on that on the forums. And also i went to enter for the giveaway and it says i have already entered but i didnt get the chance to click register.
Also it says we will be receiving a $1 credit as well automatically. When would that come in as I checked and I do not see any credits on my account. Thanks.

GREAT Giveaway though! 100% great.
Also will any reps or CEO from Gameflip be there as well?

(Side note, Id still like to work with you guys if there is any openings etc.)

Wait, this is the newest contest here on the forums or is this from the Con itself?

Hey bud, I believe that Gameflip is actually paying for this to send us there via forums not the actual con itself.

Hey Vincent, the you’re already registered message exist because you have to be registered with Gameflip to enter, and since you’ve already done that you’re good :wink:

Since we are working with some partners who will be directing new users to these landing pages, that’s why it has the $1 message and geared towards new users coming in. However, we didn’t want to exclude our current users for this contest either which is why we added the banners on the website. Sorry for the confusion, and expect some more info in the forums later today.

And unfortunately no one from Gameflip will be there :unamused:


ok thanks Bur for the info hopefully we will see credits in soon! and dang that sucks.