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I have won in a gameflip giveaway and haven’t received my 20$ credit. People still missing their prices and i have tried to talk to an admin from Gameflip’s Facebook page by messenger. He said that today your finance department is open today so i should be able to receive them today. Is it possible to get my price or do i have to wait even further. But can i atleast have an answer When i’m able to get it?

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Please post your invite code so a mod can take a look and assist. Also create a ticket to support incase.

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My invite code is : 5JB6LY.
But i never got what it means to create a ticket.

At the bottom of the Gameflip website are a bunch of links, click on “Help Center”, on that page is “Need More Help? Contact Us” which is the support ticket creation page.

If you’re using the app: ☰ > Help > Contact Support > ☰ > Need More Help? Contact Us

i have requested yesterday tho but do you think it’s worth another try?

Please wait for support, the response may be later because you created the ticket on the weekend.