im from the 5 winners of the last gameflip 5000 flp giveaway but i didnt recieve email or anything how can i get myy reward?


my profile name on gameflip is triplou store(online now) or as listed on forum here: @gamerm_m
proof that i was mentioned on the forum post:The last 5 winners of our 50k FLP giveaway!


hello, go in your wallet , option flp wallet , and look flp in yoour acc .


And visit my store , items by flp.


I already checked that still nothing


only wait now



It may take a while to get your prizes.

Please open a ticket to our support team, and then send me the number via PM so i can check it for you.



Ty for ur time sir but i got the prize yesterday and i wanted to thank gameflip wishing them all success :heart:️:heart:️:pray::pray:


Please read this announcement:

You have to fulfill one requirement from this list in order to sell: