Am I banned from gameflip?

I can’t make post or see my listing or my wallet,umm I had around $40 what is happening, please help me

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You should post up your Invite Code. It will help the Moderators find your account.

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I can’t even log in it says, fail to get token

Is this your account:

Yes yes that’s my account

Usually, if you are suspended your account won’t appear and an error message is displayed: “User not found or is no longer available".

I had an issue with logging in early on and had to make some changes around my browser:

  1. Accept cookies and site data from websites (recommended) - I setup Gameflip as allowed in my exceptions or alternately default this as accept them.
  2. Block pop-up windows - I setup Gameflip as allowed in my exceptions.

This will hopefully work for you.

On the website are you logging in using Facebook signin, Google signin, or regular email/password? Are you able to use the Android or iOS app to login?

I log in using Google and I’m on android

I’m back!!! I can log in and make post again and see my post!!thank you guys

So please share the issue and solution so that others can benefit from it.

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