Amazon bulk buying

@VerifiedSeller can I buy bulk Amazon gift cards?

Hello yes you can but when do you need it?
I don’t have in store at the moment.

I need it as soon as possible, when will you have some more?

I will write you when I have it available
Tell me how much you want to buy?

How much for $100 cards?

steven check ur dm in forum

Yes but first, what’s your description of bulk? I’m a student and got a lot of project on ground at the moment, that’s why I am slow to communicate, I’m usually faster in replying, please bare with me, for now I won’t have bulk in store, I sell up to 4k in a month sometimes because I’m not fully into selling cards at the moment, the good cards are hard to get which is what I sell, the bad ones are easy and mixed with formulated e-cods, I don’t sell those, and I’m not the type that keeps customers waiting and they get upset.

I just create a list of what I have which may not be more than 1-4K in a month, it helps with the bills lol.
I will update you when I start having cards in bulk, this will be soon but can’t disclose a specific date at the moment.

I’d make a post on here when I have in store so please follow me or subscribe to my page, to receive notifications when I post.

If you want cards less than 2k then I’m your man :slightly_smiling_face:, you can turn on notification on gameflip app to know when I post.

My apology if I don’t meet your requirements at the moment.

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I’m sorry but can’t find your message in my inbox @nocap

It’s $90…

I can give you a lot of gift cards
100 gift card, 85!