Any code-savvy people on here know how to fix this API problem?


When I use Gameflip’s default image links, my API script runs perfect & smoothly but for some reason whenever I try to copy & paste the link to my custom imgur image onto my script, I get an error in the node.js command prompt. It’s weird because sometimes it will work & a listing will be created with my custom image but other times it wont. Im not close to being code-savvy & was wondering if anybody knows how to fix this? Would be greatly appreciated!

Image of error:

everytime i use a image that isnt uploaded to gameflip it gets squashed and ends up looking terrible

so what i end up doing is creating blank draft listings with the images I want and copy the url for the images and paste that into my js file . oh and also you must remove the /200x200.webp at the end of the link

Hello @Tee-Toh

To confirm, you are usng the direct link?


This is what I copy for my listing which work fine.

Ill give that a try! Ty for your input :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s what Ive been trying but for some reason it doesnt work :confused:

sure no problem let me know how it goes!

should look something like this

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You’re a legend! It worked & I’ve had flawless posting with my custom images.
Appreciate the help! :slight_smile:


Hello @Tee-Toh,

Glad to hear that you’ve fixed it.

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