any coupon for today ?


any coupon for today ?


No… you can check twitter website or here .


@DunnBiscuit can you reply my ticket ? 412201 since I have not heard from you



@DunnBiscuit will get to it as soon as they can.

Please be patient & don’t keep spamming in multiple different post.

Lucy :heart:


Yes. Sorry For spamming WIll not do it anymore



It’s okay. :kissing_heart:
If you PM them they will reply back.
Remember they get a ton of PM daily. Just give it little time.

You can also Submit a request if you want to but this will take time to get a reply too.

Lucy :heart:


Alright I understand it. thanks for the help lucy.

Have a good night to you and to everyone!


You can get money back as a buyer or seller right now, you can see the details if you log in via the app.


hey for 10$/3$ credit promo, if i buy 5x items 2$ each will i receive 3$ credit? (in same cart total will be 10$+)


What promo are you talking about?

Lucy :heart:


Consumer’s day buyer promo! - Get $3


My apologies I have not open the gameflip in a few days.
I see it now.

Lucy :heart:


so will it work if i buy multiple items in same cart? (total +10$) or do i have to buy 1 item more than 10$


I can’t answer you question. I didn’t know they had a cart on gameflip, I would never want to say something if I didn’t know for 100% if the answer was a yes or no.

I am think it sure work being the purchase price would be over the required amount to get the credit but I don’t buy from bot so I just found out they had carts for them.

If you do buy them using the cart its at your own risk if you dont get credit being im not 100% understand how bots work but im learning

Lucy :heart:


thanks. i tried it didnt work, ur item must be +10$


10 exact and above? or 10 exact does not work


i bought 5x csgo key 2.01 each in same cart, total 10.05 didnt worked. after that i bought steam gift card code for 10.85 it worked (10€ steam gift card)


Did you go to your notifications tab to see if you see the credit and click the $3 ceedit if you got it?

Lucy :heart:


not working!
i bought game for “10$ or above”, complete transaction and still see nothing ((


I will add funds just to reach the 10 dollars Hope I get the credit