Any New Codes ?

Nowadays they don’t even last 8 hours.

But thanks for sharing, my dude!


Not working anymore. I just tried.


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Off topic, but I’m posting this comment here because I believe this is probably where the most people are going to see it, and also where I think it probably most needs to be seen.

I would just like to say thank you to the gameflip team for making such an awesome site/service available to us in the first place. For the record- no, I don’t work for gameflip. No, they haven’t given me anything for saying this, and I don’t expect them to, either. I’ve been using gameflip since late 2016 or early 2017, and in the time since then I’ve I’ve gotten some great deals on things from this site, and every single time that somebody has tried to scam me, gameflip has returned my money & prevented me from getting scammed. I’ve been fortunate enough to successfully get/use my fair share of codes & save even more money than I already was by buying my codes from here (which has saved me a good amount of money even without using any discount codes).

Before you all start hating on me, take a second and just think about how much money you’ve saved buying things off gameflip with or without any codes. I get as frustrated as the rest of you sometimes when I miss out on a good code or a good deal on something, but today I realized that I always keep coming back here & buying more codes no matter how many discount codes I miss out on because they’ve got an awesome service that provides some really great deals on plenty of things I want here & because they’ve always kept me safe from getting scammed by worthless degenerates. If you disagree, feel free to voice your opinion, but I won’t respond to any unfounded negativity.

Happy Holidays, everybody!


Thank you for writing this @olegnoleg , you put it in perfect words. I can only wholeheartedly agree.
Happy new year, all!

(Also, I have to say the forum is great to use from a technical standpoint. There are so many little, sleek details everywhere and it seems like it has been thought of everything, it’s probably one of the best ones I’ve ever used!
I don’t know if it’s just a common base from a specialised company that many forums use or if it’s all custom, in any way hats off to the devs.)

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Just wanna say first this code became active 2 days but is active till the 17th or until the “limited quantity” runs out but as of writing this it’s working.

Enjoy 20% OFF (Max $2)
Use code:ANIMALS


Still working as of today! Thanks!

Worked like a charm. Thanks!

Any other active codes for today?

Use coupon code TRAVEL for 25% off. Max discount $4.

Can confirm this is working right now. Thanks!

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You’re welcome… I shared within an hour of receiving it. It’ll likely be posted to Twitter/FB by Gameflip later on today, so make sure you use it before the masses see it.