Any New Codes ?

Anyone have a code, please send it

No new codes at the moment. People will most likely post new codes when available so don’t worry.
Just keep an eye out on forums - Current Promotions

OK, thanks I am waiting for new

I have this one MAINGA2, try it i dont know if that work for u

Interesting…I recently start using gameflip. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you. Any codes available

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use code: BUYNOW
and you get 10% off (only valid for 24 hours)

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Okay everyone should stop offering those “one time use” codes. They stopped working months ago.

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(Max 3$)


worked like a charm, thanks!

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worked thanks! just curious where did you find that code? was it sms?

Hello @Lightwolf_1030,

All codes are given via Twitter or SMS.

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Thanks for share!

Finished already.Any New?

Any new codes?

I’ve checked my phone SMS and I haven’t received any discount codes there in over 200 days. Apparently the discount codes-sending is completely random.

Hello @Ticio_Mevio,

Yes, Gameflip send the codes to random people, and some may post it on the forum.

They don’t send codes to people that keep asking/begging for them.

why have the forum then?

Hello @CuTTingEdg3,

The forum is very helpful.

It’s for people that are interested in/are on Gameflip, who have questions or answers.

It is a good place to know people and the community!

But if people are complaining about people asking for codes…maybe a deal section isn’t needed.