Coupon no. Longer valid again after 37 mins of receiving it

This is great just received a notification 37 mins a go saying a coupon code for the weekend 32% off upto 3 dollars guest what same thing as usual no. Longer valid only Friday not even the weekend a joke that is


The ol’ bait and switch. Time for someone with more free time than me to contact the FTC.

Wasn’t bait and switch. I used the coupon, I used the last 5 or 6 coupons. Coupons are usually posted to twitter first.

They arent obligated to hand out coupons ti every user, nor are they to keep coupon codes valid for a certain period of time. Theres already a ton of good deals on here. $2-$3 off shouldnt be that much to get upset about.

I am not upset its the principle says weekend offer but ends before weekend even started

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Just redeemed the code now. It worked.
Try again brother

Well not working for me creature’s is the code


I used the coupon after the app notification. Thats how I found out about it.

The codes WORK but you have to be quick as they’re limited ! End of…

Not bait and switch. I got the notification via the Gameflip app and redeemed. You just got to be on it as soon as you get the notification.

Code was working this morning. I tried it on one item (it worked) but didn’t really want it, so I went looking for something else that I wanted, and by then the code was dead again.

Then I tried again 30 minutes ago and the code was working again, so I quickly made a purchase. :slight_smile:

Can anyone share the code with me, please ? i want give it a try


There are many websites that offer discount codes but I really don’t know where to get them. Some people pointed me to a website that offers coupon codes but I really don’t know if it’s any good. Anyone know please help me.

I’m going crazy hearing that