About discount coupon

Hi, I have notice about new discount coupon from gameflip yesterday, that is 20DEC!, and it said valid in 48hours
but today when I try to use, it already said no longer valid, and just 24 hours from yesterday, please tell me why?

I got the code texted to me early Friday morning. Unfortunately maybe you received the notice a little late. You’ll have to ask the mods.

I’ve liked Gameflips Facebook page in hopes of not missing any of their great deals.

I think you indeed received or checked your message late.

This message was sent on Friday. So if you checked it on Sunday, it would be expired already.

But, we will have more promotions, discount coupons in the future. Stay tuned to your SMS messages, to our Facebook and Twitter page and also check our promotions page below:


I got messenger in saturday morning, why it’s so late?

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