Code : HOLIDAYS Not Working - No Answer from Gameflip

Code posted on Twitter for 10% off upto $50 Dollars Available to Jan 1st 2020.

Every time I try to use it it comes back " Coupon no longer active "

I emailed Customer service 3 days ago and No answer from customer service.

Is there Anyone from gameflip monitoring this Forum that can assists ???

There’s a limited quantity of the coupon like every other coupon. Once theyve been used up, its no longer active …

Thanks for the respond Tee-Toh

You would figure since this was a special code for New Years and they posted it without stating any limitations or stating there are only a specific amount to use, they would/should honor it. Specially when its still posted as “Available till Jan 1st 2020”

In addition, I think the coupon is technically expired even though it states that it is available till 1/1/2020. I have seen for past promo codes and coupons that it would end seemly a day before the expiration date and it may be due to a specific timezone to be based on for when the code will expire even though the company is based out of California. This is my theory as I have seen many times that I try to use a code a day before the listed expiry date but it is not active anymore. If not that, it may be that the code has reached the set maximum number of redemptions as the Tee-Toh mentioned. Also, you have to remember that a promo for up to $50 discount is huge, usually it’s much smaller, like $5 or something so I can understand why there would be a limit for this specific coupon. If you haven’t checked Gameflip’s Twitter recently, they actually extended the coupon yesterday (12/30/19 @ 1:38PM EST) so if it isn’t available anymore now, you’re out of luck unfortunately.

Limits up…

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